Dasha Rush, techno queen

  Tilda Lovell, wizard of dead bones.

  Andy Bolus Aka Evil Moisture, a truly intense cut-up machine and a future collaborator.

  Oni Ayhun, dynamic, rumbling techno tunes and future collaborator with Kid Below at Way Out West.

  Smittekilde the one and only from Copenhagen with Zvend behind the wheels.

  Tommi Keränen, crazy genius guy and second part of Testicle Hazard and collaborator at The Kid Below, Helsinki.

  Christian Stadsgaard, multitasking noise machine and collaborater at The Kid Below, Copenhagen.

  Lars Siltberg, the one and only video artist

  Family Battle Snake, mind-blowing psychic tunes and Collaborator at The Kid Below at Göteborgs konsthall, Sweden

  Joachim Nordwall, collaborator at The Kid Below, Stockholm. Part of the amazingly groovy The Scull Defects and owner of IDEAL recordings.

  Lasse Marhaug, legendary harsh noise artist and Collaborator at The Kid Below, Oslo.

  Marja- Leena Sillanpää, with amazing dead soul spotting eyes and second part of AX/ SILLANPÄÄ