Copyright Gävle konstcentrum

Exile- Live arts week, Bologna 27.04.17

The world as of yesterday- BoCa, Lisbon 20.04-30.04.17

The World as Of Yesterday- Marta Herford, Herford 28.10-28.01.2017

The world as of yesterday- Cologne 27.05-26.06 2016

Copyright- Galleri Andersson/Sandström, Stockholm 12.05-18.06.2016

EXILE- Serralves Museum, Porto 19.09-20.09.2015

The World As Of Yesterday- Brooklyn 11.09-24.10.2015

The World As Of Yesterday- Nuremberg 16.06-11.10 2015

EXILE- The archive (3) Kunsthalle Athena, Athens, 29.06- 2.07.2015

The World As Of Yesterday- Miami Beach 02.12-06-12.2014

The World As Of Yesterday, Denmark, 28.07.2014- ongoing

The World As Of Yesterday- Stockholm, 01.-03.08.2014

EXILE- Kunsthalle Athena, Athens, 21.05- 21.09.2014


EXILE Helsinki 1.-24.11.2013

FLUX OBJECTS- 2013-ongoing

DEBRIS, 2013

Tactics of resistance, 2013

Conquest and Remorse- Arezzo biennale 2013, Italy

The current, Am space, Shanghai, 2012-

Imagine Death, Open Studios, ISCP, Brooklyn

Imagine Death, CSV center NYC, 30nov-1dec 2012

PAN THEON, Moderna museet, 30/5-1/9 2012

KATARSIS, Göteborgs konsthall


REACTOR at Kulturens hus, Luleå

EXILE, way out west

Photography: Anders Sune Berg

EXILE, at Galleri Christina Wilson

Bring New Life To Death 2011

The Kid Below, 2009-2010

S&B, performance 2010

Fossil, at Natalia Goldin gallery 2008

Peperfights 2007

Ink Performance 2006-2007

The Uprise, 2006

Trunk 2004

Drawings 2004