EXILE Helsinki 1.-24.11.2013

1-5 nov. Construction- Assistants; Hanna Marno and Tuukka Petteri Haapakorpi. Material used; 2 ton plaster, books and clothes provided by UFF, plasterboards.

7 nov. Opening reception

18 nov. Performance with Tommi Keranen. Material used; Water, ink and sound cables

19- 21 nov. Final demolition of the installation and the creation of a new one. Assistants; Hanna Marno and Tuukka Petteri Haapakorpi.

22 nov. Concert/ Finissage . The Truckfuckers ( Tommi Keranen, Ilpo Heikkinen & Lauri Hyvärinen) Kuupuu ( Jonna Karanka)

23 nov. Quasi- archeological excavation. All together 150 artifacts ( plaster objects) were carefully identified cleaned and put in paper boxes. Each of the 150 artifacts got its exact position in relation to the gallery/installation floor.

For further reading, please go to; Sinne EXILE, Helsinki

Photography; Marcus Åström and Anastasia Ax