EXILE, way out west

The installation was built up one week before the music festival was held. With  help of two friends ( Tilda Lovell, artist and Tova Lundell, architect)  we created a site specific installation in the heart of Slottsskogen in Göteborg. The materials we used were second hand books, clothing, plasterboards and A LOT of plaster. The venue was split in two parts. The first night I did a performance in collab. with Oni Ayhun who did a club gig after my live-act, the “stage” changed character and became a dancefloor for the audience. The second day I did a collab. with the same concept as the night before with artist Marja-Leena Sillanpää and techno Dj Dasha Rush. After these two venues the installation was on display for one day. The fourth day I dumped the remains in a vaste ground.